• Welcome to 4th Grade!

    Miss Hertzog's 4th Grade Class

    West Vincent Elementary School

    Room 106

  • Homework & Class News

    Here you can find this week's homework and other important class news/dates.


    Unit 8:

    Please refer to google classroom for your remote learning assignments.

    Social Studies

    Please refer to google classroom for your remote learning assignments.


    Unit 4:


    Monday - read and log 20 minutes

    (reading response due)

    Tuesday- read and log 20 minutes

    Wednesday- read and log 20 minutes

    Thursday - read and log 20 minutes

    Friday - read and log 20 minutes



    Unit 3:

    Text Dependent Analysis

    Please refer to google classroom for your remote learning assignments.

    Word Study -

    Each week students have the option to complete the activities on the word study menu in their binders.

    Your son's / daughter's word study homework is to cut, sort, and practice writing their word study words each night. Additional word study activities will be integrated into our school day. If you would like additional ideas that will help your child practice, please visit the link below.





    Unit 4: Ecosystems

    Please refer to google classroom for your remote learning assignments.


    Other items DUE

    *Dear Future 4th Grader presentation

    *Advice Letter

    Other Announcements

    Dates to know:

    none at this time

  • Subject Resources

    Parent resources to help you support your child's academic success:


    Everything you need for our math program is on the ConnectED website. Your child should know their username and password; if they don't please email Ms. Hertzog! This website has tutorial videos, games for extra practice, printable homework sheets (in case your child's book was left at school), and much more!

    Click here ---> https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do


    For a link to the math homework pages with answers, vocabulary, and games click this button --->



    Once on the site choose the unit your child is working on.



    Topics Covered:
    - Inquiry and Process Skills
    - Ecosystems
    - Magnetism and Electricity
    - Weather Instruments
    - Nutrition


    Later in the year, the students will be completing a scientific research plan. The work will be completed both at school and at home.

    Please note: the students do NOT have to participate in the science fair, however they may if they are willing!


    For more information regarding the research plan, click here --->


    Social Studies

    Topics Covered:
    - Native Peoples of North America
    - Exploration and Colonization
    - Colonial America



    By the end of 4th grade, our goal is to have all students reading and comprehending a text at a level S or higher



    Unit 1: Fiction Stories


    Unit 2: Nonfiction Essay Writing


    Unit 3: Text Dependent Analysis

    Word Study

    Each student is assessed and then instructed at their individual level. Each student is being instructed at one of the following levels:
    Letter Name: A,B,C,D,E
    Within Word: F,G,H,I,J
    Syllable Juncture: K,L,M,N,O
    Derivational Constancy: P,Q,R,S,T

    The students should be able to identify the patterns that can be seen and heard in their sorts.

  • Schedule

    Need to see the year long calendar? Click here ---> https://www.ojrsd.com/domain/88

    Tentative Daily Schedule

    Schedule for a full school day

    Morning Routine- 8:15 - 8:40

    Specials- 8:40 - 9:25

    Writing- 9:25 - 10:20

    Reading- 10:20 - 11:35

    Math (Part 1)- 11:35 - 11:55

    Lunch- 11:55- 12:25

    Recess- 12:25 - 12:45

    Math (part 2)- 12:45 - 1:45

    Science- 1:45 - 2:30

    Tier time- 2:30 - 3:00

    Dismissal- 3:05

    2019 - 2020 Specials Schedule

    *Sneakers on day 1 & 2*

    Day 1- Health

    Day 2- P.E.

    Day 3- Art

    Day 4- Music

    Day 5- Library

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I volunteer in my son's/daughter's classroom?

    There will be multiple opportunities for volunteers throughout the school year. As these come up you will receive an email via Skyward or a paper will be sent home. To assist in our classrooms at West Vincent you will need to have your clearances on file. You can access more information on this here ---> https://www.ojrsd.com/Page/204

    What is our homework policy?

    Your child is allowed to miss one homework assignment. Every missed assignment after that, they will owe 5 minutes of recess to review the skill practiced on the homework. However, I understand that things come up after school; I can remember the many sports and activities I participated in at their age! If your child is unable to complete a homework assignment, please email me that night or before the start of school, and they will be excused.

    What may I send in for snack?

    Please send in a healthy snack for your son/daughter each day. Students are not permitted to share snacks; please reiterate this to your child. Additionally, absolutely no nuts are allowed in our classroom as we do have classmates with allergies.

    Where can I find school menus?

    For more information on breakfast & lunch pricing as well as West Vincent's monthly menus

    click here ---> https://ojrsd.nutrislice.com/menu

    Can my son/daughter have a birthday celebration at school?

    Yes! We love birthdays in room 106! You are welcome to send in a healthy store bought snack if you would like. We do have allergies and must not have any nuts whatsoever. If you are unsure if a snack is acceptable to bring in, please feel free to email me. Some other alternatives may be pencils, stickers, or bookmarks! During our snack time your son/daughter will have an opportunity to hand out their snack or gift, and we will sing them happy birthday! If your son/daughter has a birthday that falls over the weekend, I am more than willing to have a celebration during the week. If you have any additional questions please contact me!

    How do our "Caught Being Good" tickets work?

    Students can earn caught being good tickets any time they act as a role model, help a classmate, or act in a way that positively impacts the class. As they accumulate tickets they can buy prizes such as teacher chair for the day or crazy pencils/erasers.

    How can I help my child study?

    Studying can be a difficult task for anyone! Here is a document that provides a few tips on how to study effectively --- >https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/3ba70a56-9743-4ff4-b65a-184c41273dd5/how_to_study.pdf?id=82378

  • Contact Me

    How can you contact me?


    2750 Conestoga Rd, Chester Springs, PA 19425
    8:15 am -3:15 pm
    (610) 469-5108